Our Services.

Time Control Technologies provides a fully automated live workforce management system. It helps clients save time & money, enhancing their profits in their businesses..

Automated Timesheet Processing

By using our Automated Timesheet Processing services, Project Managers / Construction Managers and Directors, will save time and money.

By incorporating an automated hardware-software system, we will enable the customer to monitor the time spent by workers automatically and incorporate functions to evaluate quality attributes of their workers, enabling them to implement policies and practices that increase efficiency and productivity in all its projects, reducing the margins of over-cost related to low staff productivity.

Automated Payroll Processing

Processing of daily, monthly, quarterly payrolls. Using our automated timesheet processing, payroll issuance becomes an easy automated task.

Our proprietary automated system performs all types of payment processing, as per initial input of contractual data: hourly, overtime, double-time, salaries, commissions, bonuses, pay raises, wage deductions, among others. We eliminate the manual paycheck calculation minimizing human errors.

Productivity Monitoring & Control + Payroll

Take full control of your resources!

Today, 1% loss in the annual productivity can determine if a company is successful or not. We noticed that many HR/Operational/ Accounting processes can be made more efficient by automating many functions in the day to day HR duties.

Time Control Technologies is a company dedicated to enabling more effective and efficient functions, for corporate clients in their HR & accounting departments. Used by Companies with large scale projects to save time and money.